Waterlogue -  A conversation with Artist, Valerie Durant & Elaine Leung, PhD, Marine Biologist.


A Capture Photofestival Event scheduled for  April 17, was cancelled and was followed up as a Zoom  on May 20th, 2020 in partnership with Carfac.  Please see the zoom or check it out on the Capture site. 


Poetic imagery intersects with science in a dialogue and  presentation, moderated by artist, Gerri York, at Durant’s Howe Street studio.

Valerie Durant is a Canadian artist, exploring the impact of human actions on the natural world and the immediate threat of climate change on human and species existence.


 Lens based images draw connection between forest fires, deforestation and ocean plastics, increasing global Co2 emissions,  resulting in ocean acidification, adversely affecting our oceans and sea life.

Imagery and sculptural concepts of objects, organic and inorganic, washed up along the shoreline, shot above and below the surface, consider the fluid and seemingly invisible connections between the land and sea.

Elaine Leung, PhD, is a marine biologist, Founder & Executive Director of Sea Smart, an NGO which engages and empowers youth to respect our oceans by connecting them to the environment. https://seasmartschool.com/about-sea-smart


Durant is exhibiting during Luminescence V, at Deer Lake Art Gallery, Burnaby.

Her installation, Proliferation: A Dark Matter, consists of watery, illuminating images & sculptures, a starting point for her next  interdisciplinary project, Portraits from the Anthropocene Luminescence V opens March 21, 2020  takes place in April. Check the following website for more details and exact dates  and times of the exhibition.  https://www.burnabyartscouncil.org/luminescencev/



Join the dialogue.


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