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East West 

Inter-relationships are explored within the everyday mostly urban environment, observing markings, cultural symbols, iconic objects and imagery, relating to the topic of urban development.


Construction hoarding and Parcel Identifiers are largely recognized as signifiers of impending change, and the bulldozer, which knows no distinction, blurs the boundaries between East and West, inverting our perception of above and below and subject and object relationships. 


The work transcends the local topic and looks at universal themes of memory, history, loss and transformation and our deeply rooted interconnectedness with land and the environment.

diversion bright background
Stripped 5931
Property Identifier Road RIP
A Mighty Fall
diversion 0094
Dragon and the Bull 1373
Lost and Found
Lost and Found 7754
DTES Needs Homes 7655
I Love East Van - Hoarding
I Love East Van- Close.
Bright Future
Benevolent Divination
Protected 0131
blurry Chinatown 1365
Blue Cornice 0142
Pink 1389
Competing Interests  7819


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