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Invisible Rivers

Seven series of Photographs  include  Portraits from the Anthropocene, Coastal Waters, Reflections and 500 Years Either Way  are intertwined with  sculptural installations. 

Hydra and the 2nd Labour is the feature Installation in the central gallery space, while Silence of the Sea, video and Sound accompany the viewer as active participant on their journey through the  gallery spaces. 

Small Ice Boats, created from seawater, and objects collected along the foreshore, dissipate in a seawater vessel.

Stands of carbon, collected from the shoreline and  recycled paper bark sculptures hang from the gallery walls, created fro recycled bags, organic objects, photographs and roots, collected during walking meditations, during the many months of isolation. 

Throughout the gallery, objects, both organic and inorganic, collected  from the shoreline, speak to their photographic counterparts. 

Hydra, suspends from the gallery ceiling, while the lifeline, holds tight to the shore.  This is our burden of responsibility.  

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